Social Artworking Party – Painting Daisies

Do any of you remember our social artworking party we threw with Deco Art last year?

We painted these cupcakes!

Well, we were invited to work with Deco Arts again and this year it was all about daisies!


Becky and I invited over a some cousins, grandma, and an aunt (all non-painters by the way) for a night of crazy fun….


We set each station with all of the painting supplies they needed (canvas, paint, easels, tracing paper, instructions and brushes).


Oh, and we couldn’t have a party without treats so we went to our favorite local cupcake shop and provided a yummy variety for all of the guests!


Let me just tell you now (from experience of throwing two of these parties) that your guest will probably be nervous and say they can’t paint. Let me also tell you everybody can do this. The directions are super simple and every single guest has been happy with the end result.


My cute grandma, the redhead with glasses, is turned 80 next year and she’s never painted before. She had a great time and she rocked her painting as you will see at the end of this post!

So here’s how Social Artworking works!

1. Transfer the Pattern


2. Paint the Design (with the easy-to-follow-instructions)

3. Add Your Own Detail



Enjoy your work of art!!



Where do I get supplies to have my own Social Artworking Party?

Go HERE to learn all of the details and to see many designs to choose from!!


  Throw a Social Artworking Party


Oh, and I have to share this hilarious video of my aunt dancing!!

Proof we had a great time!


  Isn’t she hilarious?!…and yes that is me cackling with laughter!!!



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Disclosure: all products were provided by Social Artworking and all opinions are 100% mine.
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