DIY Apron for kids parties


How to Make an Apron with a Plastic Tablecloth

I am very excited for my 8 year old daughters birthday party. It’s a Santa’s Workshop with crafty projects! There is going to be a lot of paint and I really don’t want our guest clothes to be ruined if we spill a little paint! I wanted to get everyone an apron but realized that could be really expensive. I figured plastic tablecloths would work if I could make them look cute! They are really easy and fast to make.


1Plastic tablecloth= 8 aprons

Child size apron for template

3 spools of Black satin ribbon 7/8” x 18 feet

White glitter paper for buckles

Hot Glue Gun

Sewing machine

Black thread

diy kids apron

Step 1-

Fold your tablecloth so there is 4 layers. Place your apron on top and cut out the aprons. Don’t cut out the straps. You will sew ribbon for straps.

plastic tablecloth aprons

Step 2-

Cut out the ribbon for the neck and waist straps as long as you need. Pin the ribbon to the apron and sew on.  Cut out a buckle and  hot glue on to the apron, to complete the Santa look! You are done!


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  1. LOVE this idea Danielle! Those plastic tablecloths can come in cute!

  2. You could simplify it even more by using black electrical tape instead of sewing ribbon since it is fairly disposable anyway... Put the sticky sides of two pieces of tape together for the straps. Just a thought from a non-sew-er :). Love this site and all your great ideas! Thanks!


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