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Like many of you I have family all over the nation, but I still want them to be included in our fun family crafting nights and bridal & baby showers.  I hate that they don’t get to participate in these fun events.  Then the BABY SHOWER by MAIL idea hit me…

This is the PERFECT way to host a baby shower and include EVERYONE!

DIY Baby Shower by Mail Supplies


Plain white onesies ranging in size

5x7 Manila Envelopes (half need to be Self Addressed)

Yards of fabric or other embellishments

Wilton Cookie Favor Bags


Instructions {I created mine in Picmonkey, but feel free to use it}

Inspiration Card

Address Labels



DIY Baby Shower by Mail 2

I opened all the onesie packages and cut my fabric into 1/4” strips.

DIY Baby Shower by Mail 1

I needed to create a cute package that would fit in a 5x7 envelope, so I rolled each onesie in two strips of fabric and taped the roll together.

DIY Baby Shower by Mail 3


Inspiration Card & Instructions:

DIY Baby Shower by Mail 5

1.  I found some adorable handmade onesies online and created a collage in PicMonkey.  Here are some of the cute onesies I used to create my inspiration card:

The Cottage Mama’s Boy & Girl Onesie Tutorial

Barefoot in the Kitchen’s Onesie Dress Tutorial

Bubbly Nature Creations’s Ballerina Onesie Tutorial

The Ruffle Butt Onesie Tutorial by Crap I’ve Made

The Cottage Mama’s Embellished Onesie Baby Girl Dress

A Couple of Craft Addicts Painted Necklace Tutorial

I saved the photos and imported them into PicMonkey to create the collage.  Then I saved the collage and printed them on white cardstock.

2.  Create an instruction card {or use mine} to include in your favor bag.  I also typed a letter to all my family explaining exactly why I was doing this and gave everyone a time frame and encouragement. 

3.  Create some labels in Word and adhere them to some 5x7 envelopes.  Fold the envelopes in 3’s and include them in your Onesie Kit.  {I find that if I make things as easy as possible for people I get a better response rate.}


Assemble the Onesie Kits:

DIY Baby Shower by Mail 4

Open you Cookie Favor Kit and get rid of the silver discs {I gave them to my kids}.  

DIY Baby Shower by Mail 6

Place your Onesie Roll, instuction card, inspiration card and self addressed envelope in a Favor Bag and tie the top with a pretty bow!

DIY Baby Shower by Mail 8


DIY Baby Shower by Mail 7

Place the adorable kits you just made in 5x7 envelopes with your letter {if you typed one} and send them to the lucky recipients.


I know you want to see all the finished onesies, right?  Well, you won’t have to wait long.  I am posting those tomorrow!

**Update** Onesies Revealed HERE.

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  1. Brilliant idea and so much fun!

  2. In your first step you said that you cut your fabric into one quarter inch strips. That hardly seems right. From the looks of the pictures with the onesies rolled into the fabric, the fabric would have to be at least about 6 inches wide. Is this a typo? I am so going to do this for my next expected grandchild! I absolutely love this idea.

    1. OH are correct. They are 6 inches wide and a yard long. Not sure what I was thinking. :)

  3. This is perfect for familes with preemie babies!!!!! I wanted to have a baby shower but couldn't because my daughter was 13 weeks early and I am officially the germ police so I will be doing this and be safe in isolation.


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