12 Awesome Birthday Cake Ideas- for Men


DIY Birthday Cake Ideas for men


I tried my best to think what men would think would be cool for a birthday cake. That was too hard! So I found themed cakes from what (I think) men like!  Happy baking!

camouflage cupcakes diy


Camouflage Cupcakes via Crafty Mama

Basketball Cake via Cooking Channel

Football Cake via Country Chic Cottage

Baseball Cake Pops via Sweet C’s Designs

Soccer Ball Cake via Betty Crocker


R2D2 Star Wars Cake diy


R2D2 Cake via Bird on a Cake

Angry Birds Cake via Byrdie Girl

Candy Cake via Made in Mel’s Kitchen

Shirt and Tie Cake via Spoonful

Faux Hamburger Cupcakes via Martha Stewart

Face Cake via A little Piece of Lisa


The last one is for my husband, who always asks for cheesecake!

Cheesecake Factory Recipe via Moms Who Think 

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