Bridal Shower Dessert Table

bridal shower dessert table
I am so excited to show you this DIY bridal shower! It turned out so pretty and the food tasted so good.
cheesecake bites diy dessert table ideas bridal shower
The mini cheesecake bites are so good! I was able to make them the day before the shower and store them in the fridge. I changed the recipe by using mini nilla wafers and mini baking cups. I also shorten the baking time. I topped the mini cheesecake bites with  homemade whipped cream the day of the shower.
DIY Cake Push Pops Bridal Shower Dessert Table
Cake Push Pops
I made these with white cake mix and cream cheese frosting. I made them a few days before the shower and put them in the freezer. I pulled them out a few hours before the party!
chocolate covered pretzels bridal shower food ideas
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate is a must for a party full of women! This is the only thing I bought at my local store in the bulk section. I could have made them, but mine never look as nice!!!!
Homemade divinity bridal shower dessert table 
Homemade Divinity
My grandma and I had a blast making this together the day before the shower. It is a tricky candy to make. I will try to post the recipe so everyone can try their hand at it!
Bridal Shower Dessert Table Lime Meltaways
This cookie stores well. I was able to make them the day before the shower and they still tasted great!
Banana Bread Bridal Shower Favors
Banana Bread Favors
I thought the Banana Bread Favors turned out so cute! I made them about a week before the shower and kept them in the freezer!  For the recipe and instructions click here!
This shower was so much fun to host!
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  1. I love these ideas but why is it that when I click "mini cheesecake bites via our best bites", it takes me to the push pop recipes on U creat?
    I tried looking for the recipe on our best bites blog but I couldn't find the recipe.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the bad link! I have now fixed the link so you can see the recipe.


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