Budget Friendly Tips for Dessert Tables


I love dessert tables. I think they are so pretty and love to eat all the yummy desserts at parties, but  they can end up costing a lot of money.

Today I want to share some tips and tricks that I have learned to help control the cost of a dessert table while making it beautiful at the same time! 

Tip #1: Portion Control

budget friendly party tips

Make “mini” desserts!

Mini is plain adorable and you will get more bang for your buck! The original recipe is for 24 cheesecakes in regular size cupcake liners. I adjust the recipe to mini size and can make 48 mini cheesecake bites!  For more details, click here .

I like to use a table size 4ft x 2ft. Don’t worry about jamming all the food on the table if you have a large party. After a couple of people have been through, replace the empty areas with your extra food and remove empty trays so no one notices when you run out of a certain food!


Tip #2: Shop the local ads

Budget Friendly Party Dessert Tables

I love to make all the food on my dessert table. I know that it is not always possible to make everything I want and I love to watch my local grocery ads for great deals on snack food to use in parties. If you see a good deal on the front page and can not believe how cheap the item is, it probably is a loss leader. A loss leader is food that the store is actually going to lose money on, but they want you in the store so they are will to bet you will buy something else to make up for it.  I always grab those items and keep them on hand…also remember many stores price match!


Tip #3: White, White, White

White is so classic and will match all of your party themes for years to come.

Let your food pop with color against those beautiful clean white serving trays, cake stands, etc.!


Tip #4: Shop at Home

Shop at home to decorate your table! The books on the table are from the d├ęcor in my kitchen and the burlap board is from Becky’s home! The food signs are cardboard box cut outs with a cut up paper doily.  


Tip #5: Make it work!

tips and tricks for a dessert table


You may not have every platter that you need, but work with what you do have.

We needed more height for our dessert table but we didn’t have anything that would work. We got creative!

If you will look where the arrows are pointing you will notice that we put boxes under the tablecloth to give the right height to all the foods. 

(The rest of the party details can be found here.)


These are my tricks and tips for making an inexpensive dessert table!

If you have any tips, I would love to hear them! 

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  1. These tips are so helpful. I'm preparing to throw a baby shower soon and will keep these things in mind. Thanks for sharing!


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