Bridal Shower Favor: Banana Bread with free recipe gift tag!



banana bread bridal shower favor diy

I am so excited to show you the party favor from the bridal shower, we just hosted! The favors are so easy and inexpensive to make, but will have your guest raving how much they loved the bread!

I made the bread a week before the shower, then froze them until the day of the shower!

banana bread packaging


Supplies Needed

Banana Bread wrapped in plastic wrap

Kraft Paper


Oval Doily (from the Dollar Store)


Free Recipe Tag (see bottom of post)


 kraft paper packaging

Wrap bread in Kraft paper and and secure with tape.


doily and kraft paper


Wrap the oval doily around the bread with the ends meeting on top of the bread.


banana bread recipe


Tie the string and add tag!

Simple and beautiful favor!


{Click here for the recipe tags}


Be sure to save some banana bread for yourself!

It’s so good!


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  1. So cute Danielle! I wan to craft with you one of these days!

  2. Thanks! I would love to craft with you!


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