Olympic Torch Cones Tutorial

diy olympic torch cones
Who wants to eat an Olympic Torch?!
These edible fire torches help pull in the Olympic theme and are a great way to keep on budget when planning this party for kids. The kids eat the Cheetos in their cone and move on. You don’t have to worry about the kids coming back and grabbing handful after handful. For 30 people we only used one bag of crunchy-style Cheetos!
If you have never made cones before, don’t worry, they’re really simple!
olympic cone tutorial
Cut your paper into 6” x 5” pieces.
diy olympic cone
Take opposites corners and pull towards each other.  One corner will wrap on the outside of the other to form a cone. Finagle the paper until you like how it looks. I used my glue gun on the outside of the cone to secure the edges.
Olympic Torch Cone Tutorial 
Add Cheetos !!!!
Enjoy your Olympic Torches!
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  1. We went to a party in the Melbourne commonwealth games for some athletes and they had a snake handler reptile party where the reptiles scared off some of the athletes into the night. Took some time to get them to return to the venue.


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