Olympic Podium for the Dessert Table


DIY Olympic Podium Treat Stand

The Olympic Podium is great for your dessert table! It is easy to make and adds variety to your table.

olympic podium

Here is what you need..

3 boxes

White Plastic Table Cloth

Exacto™ Knife


Green Floral Foam (depending on what you serve)

White craft foam (depending on what you serve)

I love this podium; I needed it to display cake pops, push-up pops, and cupcakes, but you can use it for just about anything.  I used the green floral foam is for the push-up pops and white foam is for the cake pops for the proper support.

Tape the white foam on the top of a box.

On another box,  cut off the flaps and insert the green foam.

olympic podium dessert stand

Next wrap them in a plastic tablecloth like you would a present—paying special attention to the top and front parts that your guests will see.

olympic podium 2

Measure the distance between each push pop and cut X’s in the tablecloth; cut slashes for the cake pops.

olympic podium 3 


Easy peasy Olympic Podium for the dessert table!


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