Olympic Medal Cookies by That Cute Little Cake

Olympic Medal Cookies!

Hi, I am Virginie from That Cute Little Cake, a blog about my addiction(s) for beautiful parties, paper crafts and cake decorating !
So you might have heard that a major sporting event is coming to the U.K. this summer...? well there certainly is no escaping the Olympics here !!! It’s everywhere, and especially in school when it has logically become the theme for all the end of term Sports Days !
So whether you’ve been enrolled to bake for Sports Day or you are planning an Olympic themed party, these Medal Cookies are sure to bring big smiles on the faces of the children !


Start by preparing your favourite cookie dough (here is my recipe).
Roll and cut into circles (mine are 3").
Don't forget to cut a hole for the ribbon. You can use a straw or a piping tip.
Bake and leave to cool.

You will need :
Paste colours (blue, black, red, yellow, green)
Gold lustre or gold paint
Liquid Glucose (Light Corn Syrup)

Colour some sugarpaste pale yellow, roll and cut into circles the same dimensions as your cookies.
Brush some liquid glucose over the cookies and glue the sugarpaste circles on. Smooth with a smoother or the palm of your hand.
Use the same tool to cut a hole for the ribbon in the sugarpaste.
Paint the sugarpaste gold. If using gold lustre, make paint by mixing some lustre powder with a few drops of vodka. The spirit will evaporate quickly, leaving a nice golden finish on your cookies.
Leave the paint to dry.

Colour some sugarpaste in all 5 colours of the Olympic rings.
For each colour, roll the sugarpaste and cut a circle with a small round cutter. Then cut a hole using a smaller round cutter. Push the centre out with the end of a small brush. Leave to dry for a few minutes, this will make the rings easier to pick.
Prepare some sugar glue by dissolving a small piece of sugarpaste in a little bit of boiling water (you want a thick consistency).
Pick a ring, brush the back with sugarglue and place on the medal (I placed the bottom rings on first)
Leave to dry overnight.

Tie a ribbon and there you have it: an Olympic medal cookie !

Virginie thank you for sharing such a clever Olympic cookie!
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  1. These are fabulous!! Virginie you are so talented!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of work, but they look so beautiful!


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