Sunshine Birthday Party



When my little girl wanted a “Sunny” birthday party I was all over it with help from my sister-in-law Danielle! All of my other children have winter birthdays and it was so much fun to throw this bright, happy party for her…

sunshine cake pops 

The sunshine cake pops turned out darling and they are so easy to make. I used the same idea as this flower pop tutorial. Only this time I used a sunshine cutout to match the theme. I also used Wilson Yellow Melting Chocolate to get that smooth look!

sunshine cupcakes

I used a lemon cake box to make these yummy cupcakes. Usually the young party guests only want the frosting anyways…I was right!!!! Grab our free cupcake topper printables here!

frozen lemonade pops

  Push pops are so popular in the party world right now. I tried frozen lemonade. I thought that it would be a cool treat on a hot day!

sunshine party lemonade

Lemonade is a must for a sunshine party!

cookie cups

The ice cream was served in these yummy cookie bowls. I cooked the cookie dough in a mini muffin pan.  Then after the cookies cooled, I scooped a tablespoon of ice cream into each bowl and put them back into the freezer until it was time to serve!

My daughter and her friends had the best time! We also had some water games and a slip-n-slide for the games and it was a hit!



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  1. when I was a kid my mom made homemade popsicles and they had jello in them as well as koolaid. They get a great texture that isn't so icy and don't drip so much. I bet that would work in your push pops.

  2. Adorable party! I love the colors and the theme. So fun!!



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