Sunburst Tablecloth Tutorial



The sunburst tablecloth is an easy way to dress up a dessert table. It comes together really fast and makes a big impact. You can use this same gathering concept for any party tablecloth, too!


1 Yellow and 1 White plastic tablecloths

2-4 Sunbursts using this tutorial

White DMC floss

Sewing Needle

sunshine tablecloth

Step 1

Place both tablecloths on the table and using 3 strands of DMC floss start sewing a  1” running stitch where you would like to gather the tablecloth.

sunshine tablecloth tutorial

Step 2

When you have sewn to the height you like, pull both ends of the floss and tie a knot. This will give the tablecloth the “gathered” look.  Repeat everywhere on the tablecloth that you want that look.

sunshine diy tablecloth

Step 3

Simply tape on the sunbursts, at the gathered points.

diy sunburst table cloth

Step 4

Stand back and admire the gorgeous tablecloth!


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  1. This is cute Danielle! I am blog stalking you and finding everything you have done on this blog! Love it! :)


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