Flower Pop Tutorial

diy flower pop

Do you need a fast centerpiece for a shower or party?

Create these fun marshmallow flower pops!

flower pop supplies 
Supplies :
Washi Tape (green)
Sucker stick or wooden skewer
Paper or Velum Flower
I used 4” silhouette flowers: 5-petal_flowers_C00928_20509
Grab your supplies and whip up these pops fast.
Step 1
Cover the sticks with washi tape. I have a washi tape stick tutorial if you are unsure how to cover them.  You can also use a wooden skewer if you want to add height to your flower arrangement.

flower pop tutorial

Step 2
Cut the marshmallow and dip in sprinkles! The inside of a marshmallow is gooey enough to hold the sprinkles!

Step 3
Put the marshmallow on the stick. Slide the flower up the other end of the stick and secure with a small piece of washi tape if necessary. You can also play around and add more than one flower to some of the sticks. I think it looks great with the velum flowers. 
flower marshmallow pops
Step 4
Arrange your flowers! I used the green foam to hold the flowers in place. If you are planning on eating the pops, I would find another way to hold up the flowers. The green foam leaves a film on the sticks. I like the white craft foam that doesn’t leave a film.
I have also made these flower pops with cake pops and they looked really cute. They did leave frosting on the flowers, and were top heavy, but they tasted good!

Have fun creating!

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