Lego Head Cake by Ashlee Marie Cakes

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I shared my Rapunzel cake tutorial last year here at U Create and I'm so excited to be back sharing another cake tutorial with you! I made this same cake for my son's 8th birthday last year and I get emails every week asking for instructions on how to make it! It's a pretty easy cake, with a great impact and you can personalize it with any Lego face, or facial expression you want! So let's get started!

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  1. Hah- I literally just sat down to google Lego cakes when I saw this on Facebook. Love it! I've tried a few fondant cakes before so maybe I will brave a little cake shaping/stacking and make this one. Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial!

  2. Looks awesome!! My son would LOVE this!

  3. Thanks you guys! And thanks Kari for letting me come guest post!

    1. It's always a pleasure having you Ashlee!

  4. So clever how you made the 'realistic' logo! Such a cool cake. :-)


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